Dead phone

Jun. 10th, 2017 06:22 pm
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Sigh, my phone seems to have worn out. I thought this one had been treated fairly well, with a case, and not suffering any disastrous drops. But now when I turn it on, it reboots again either immediately before finishing the boot sequence or as soon as I open an app.

I tried removing the case and waggling the buttons, and doing a factory reset and that didn't make a difference. Is there anything else I should try?

Assuming I need a replacement, what should I get? Probably a recent android phone. I used to always get nexus but pixel seem to have got expensive.
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Also: The character of swampy is really cute. He doesn't really do much other than have a shower, but he's very expressive.

Also: It's really really good to see modern games hitting a common denominator higher than farmville but lower than AAA FPS games. There's good and bad about games having a $0.65 price point (you need lots of development values to reach a wide audience, as well as to reach an obsessed one), but in general it's nice to see something that can be enjoyed by so many people it's basically free, which gaming previously seemed to have given up on.

Although: I'm always scared by "buy this upgrade, buy that upgrade". I'm happy to buy several chunks when I can see what they are, but I'm extremely nervous of falling into the clutches of someone like zynga, and getting fleeced with "oh, just pay this then you can play the game as intended, no wait, ok, just pay THIS, ok, well, pay that a few more times..."
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Yay, Where's My Water is great.

You start with a network of walls, dirt, water and pipes, and have to wipe away the dirt so the water ends up in the washtub, but it rings really true.

Simulated water physics has come a long way since I last played a physics puzzle game. It's maybe not quite realistic, but it works, it finds its lowest level, it squirts through narrow cracks, it spreads out on flat surfaces, and forms little drops, but doesn't get hung up on implausible bits of scenery.

And the puzzles are quite puzzly. They're not as hard as some puzzles, but they do the right thing in "here's a set of water, ice, steam, lasers, dirt, etc., here's the winning condition, can you put them together". There's normally one right solution, but it's not blatantly enforced like too many games, it arises from the components.
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(A speaker/mike attachment for a mobile that is a landline handset. Really stupid, but worth it for just once using one in a field or on a train. (Yes, I expect mdavison got there first :)))
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Has anyone else had problems with Orange reception yesterday/today?

I didn't notice at first, but my phone seems unable to connect for most of a day and a half now, apart from a few minutes every so often. Which makes it seem unlikely it's a problem with the phone? It says "line is busy now" but I don't expect that to help. Am I missing some obvious news? Has anyone else got an orange phone and have/don't have the problem?

In the ongoing greenenders saga, of course the phone failure wasn't noticed until I had a plan centred on it working. I'd rang the answerphone that morning, but assumed it was a just a glitch when that didn't work because I didn't bother to try again. Then I'd arranged to meet sonicdrift for lunch in the forum, assuming that if no-one in the science park could direct her she could ring me, and only at 13.05, when I rang her, did I realise there was a problem.

ETA And they had, of course, remoddelled the trinity centre, being no longer "Q-ton" which is good in that it was an odd name, but bad in that it made it hard to find directions to. Sorry :)

We instituted the universal "meeting in a strange place" algorithm of dividing time between waiting in the most probably place (outside the forum) and searching the approaches for the other, but she'd arrived a bit early and nearly given up by 1.00, so it took 15 min to terminate. Sorry for making you wander the science park for half an hour. And then too much conversation resulted in an even more ridiculously extended lunch hour *shrug* I work enough normally it doesn't matter.

However, that afternoon, the phone turned itself on long enough to report a couple of missed messages, reproduced with permission: "Hello, I'm totally lost. I'm in somewhere that looks like the CMS but bigger and surrounded by people in shiny clothes. If you could get some reception and phone me back, that'd be great."

Sorry, sonic. Rest assured, my first visit was worse, because I was going to a job interview, and every delay made me ARGH and only fortunate foreplanning got me there on time non-sweaty :)

Also, if anyone wants to ring me tomorrow, it might not work :( If you can't get through try a text message in case the problem continues to be intermittant.

Finally, thanks to Mole for the tag, used first here, "Haylp" :)

Update: Perhaps the algorithm needs refinement. Eg. fixed times after and before arranged meeting time to be in obvious place (except then if you had different places you be *bound* to miss each other. Perhaps alternate? And always arrange as specifically as possible, just in case, phones are useful backup, but belt and braces is good. And try to arrange to meet by someone messages could be left with.