Dead phone

Jun. 10th, 2017 06:22 pm
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Sigh, my phone seems to have worn out. I thought this one had been treated fairly well, with a case, and not suffering any disastrous drops. But now when I turn it on, it reboots again either immediately before finishing the boot sequence or as soon as I open an app.

I tried removing the case and waggling the buttons, and doing a factory reset and that didn't make a difference. Is there anything else I should try?

Assuming I need a replacement, what should I get? Probably a recent android phone. I used to always get nexus but pixel seem to have got expensive.
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So, I have a phone line. I need a phone. What should I do?

* Buy a bog-standard cheap basic plastic handset from shop/internet?
* Browse for a shiny!futuristic phone on geek toy websites?
* Fiddle with laptop until modem, and headphone mike function together as phone?
* Grab one free when someone throws out their 5000 old useless handsets?
* Something else?
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* Bike puncture
* First line of defence, self-sealing inner tube. Failed (in fact, I think this was an old puncture which had been fixed fine, but finally failed again, permanently).
* Second line of defence: spare inner tube. Unusable due to shraeder valve too wide to fit hole in wheel.
* Third line of defence: get new inner tube and spare. Valves are broken and leaking sealant
* Fourth line of defence: Patch inner tube. Lasts long enough to go to the shop, and looks like it will last permanently
* Fifth line of defence: Still need spare tube. Go to get replacements for busted inner tubes. *Next* two are the same, fortunately I check in shop. Decide batch from factory is buggered. Find one that seems unbuggered, refund other.


* Old mobile telephone giving up the ghost. Doesn't like to charge.
* New mobile telephone getting back the ghost. After a few days, boots when put battery back in, and seems ok.
* Although, front buttons "talk to people" and "stop talking to people" are inoperative. Which you don't need, but is annoying.
* Any suggestions? I think probably due to some wine spill (no fault, just unlucky I had left it on the table) so not defective. Didn't iirc pay for any insurance policy.


* Acquired stacking trays for letters and living-room-stuff that now have a place in which they can be
* Phone works
* Bike works
* Productive at work
* Talked to glasses direct