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After running a couple of roleplaying sessions with quad & family, I would like to try to run something regularly in addition to whatever I run with them. I'm probably going to aim for once a month depending on interest.

I'm going to start by running a lightly revamped version of the DnD 5e one-shot I ran for quad before.


Passengers on a ship, driven far out to sea in a storm and beached for repairs on an abandoned island. 30 years ago it was home to a pirate lord, Erik Twicecursed and his BFF Grignir Hammerhead. While repairs succeed, the captain asks for volunteers to explore the abandoned and reputed-cursed pirate lair.

There may be treasure. There will almost certainly be combat encounters. Hilarious misunderstandings of the skill system and trigger happy party wizards are not guaranteed, but likely.

DnD 5e. For people new to roleplaying I will give you a pregenerated 1st level character sheet but suggest you invent a character who's more interesting to you, and change any specifics accordingly. If you're familiar with the system you're welcome to generate a 1st level character however you like.


This Saturday 2pm. It may run into the evening, in which case we'll probably have pizza.

If you're interested, comment here or email me by midnight Fri, and I will send you directions. (North cambridge, but may be lifts available if transport is an issue.)

You don't need to bring anything. If you're excited to do so anyway, things that could be useful: bring 5e books if you have them; read a little about 5e online; think about a character concept, not so much detailed background, as what they like doing and how they might be connected to other characters (member of ships company? bodyguard? relatives?)

Also let me know if you'd be interested in future one-shots or campaigns.


I have a campaign in mind following this session, but think it makes sense to schedule several one-shots and see which people are interested in coming back to.

People were very enthusiastic about my putative vorkosigan campaign, and I would really, really like to run that, but it will not be this weekend, it needs more prep time. But if you're interested and think you could actually make time to come, please let me know. (If it happens I plan a series of connected stand-alone sessions, so I might well be able to run one if I'm in london for the day, even if other sessions take place with people in Cambridge.)
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I have written a couple of one-shot adventures for DnD 5e designed to be easy and enjoyable and complete in up to 4h, and run one of them for ghoti et al which I count as a success and was really fun.

Is anyone else interested in playing, even if they can't commit to a regular campaign? Especially anyone who always wanted to try roleplying, or experienced GMs who may offer me some constructive advice, but everyone else too :)

If people are, I will put up a poll for scheduling.
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I am on holiday for a week from weds, going to Leipzig with liv, ceb, etc. which is awesome!

But means I will miss most of the beer festival. But I am going to go tomorrow evening (tues) while I have a chance, even if it's raining :) Is anyone else likely to be there?
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Wow, scheduling things is hard. It looks like the most plausible times are:

Coming Monday (Mon 3rd Nov)
Following Wekeend (Sat 8 or Sun 9 Nov)
Following Wed/Thu (12/13 Nov)

People who were interested, are you free any of those days? (In general I'd free most weekday evenings and about half of weekends, but the next two weeks happen to be quite busy for weekdays.)
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I was recently bitten by the roleplaying bug and one of the simplest experiments I wanted to try was playing Microscope. A recent indie game quite well spoken of, way at the "structured improv" end of the scale. The basic concept is collaborative, with each player contributing ideas of any sort, with no fixed PCs but the ability for the players to jump in to a crucial point in the history and choose characters to play for a short scene until a specific question is answered.

It is not a linear narrative, rather describing the history of a whole epoch (typically decades, but possibly weeks or centuries). It is hard to describe this, but I was convinced by play descriptions that the fairly simple rules are well-designed to get interesting ideas from all players without falling into some of the most common failure modes (eg. some people are shy to contribute, everyone feels obliged to submit increasingly silly things, no-one dares to shake-up the status quo).

As best as I can tell, it it likely to appeal to board-gamers and improv-players as much as roleplayers. And is fairly easy to play in a couple of hours including faff.

I'm worried I've fluffed the introduction, see the links at the top for more.

Basically, who else would be interested in trying it? I provisionally planned to invite some people over for food and Microscope, but I could bring it along to a games evening if people were interested.
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I've not had time for many ceilidhs recently, but I'm going with some friends to the round ceilidh on Friday if anyone else wants to come!
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Squeee, finally! Assuming everything goes smoothly (see previous post) we will have a housewarming on Sat 13th September, afternoon and evening, from about 2pm until midnight.

All welcome!

We will be moved in, but may still be disordered.

We will arrange something for dinner if people are hungry, probably takeaway.

The address is in my previous post: http://jack.dreamwidth.org/904549.html (locked because it's not our address quite yet :)) Let me know if you can't see that, or need proper directions.
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A link to Liv's organising of a Dreamwidth meetup at Worldcon (Friday afternoon 3.15 fan village) and Saturday lunch (venue to be decided), with optional poll for likely attendees.
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I don't have much time this week, but I'd like to go to another of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival plays today (Monday) if I have time, probably Twelfth Night (Kicking off at 7.30 at the back of John's College). Would anyone else like to come?

Sunday pub

Jun. 13th, 2014 01:43 pm
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Liv and I are going to the Haymakers this sunday evening from about 6pm. It would be nice to see anyone else who wanted to join us. Apologies to people who are already busy on Sundays.

(According to their menu they serve pizza but maybe not anything else Sunday evening.)
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I will be at the beer festival for a couple of hours tonight, and hopefully again several other nights this week, although I'm not sure exactly which. Anyone else have specific plans?

Liv and I will hopefully be there Saturday afternoon, that would be a good time to see people if you're around and the weather is good.
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Ooh, maths/science standup comedy in Cambridge Junction. Anyone interesting in going?
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A reminder that you are invited to help celebrate my birthday in my flat in Lingholme Close this Friday from 7PM. See you there!

Details and directions (friendslocked)
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I may be in London today (Sunday) evening, perhaps in the Pembury if we have time and may be around monday morning/afternoon. Does anyone else want to meet up?
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My housecooling is this saturday afternoon and evening.

Address: http://jack.dreamwidth.org/813381.html

There will be picnic. There will be drinks. There may be barbecue depending on weather (there will certainly be an oven -- I won't have any non-vege food, but I don't mind if people bring any).

See you there!
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For complicated reasons the date is only 95% certain, but I am planning a provisional housecooling:

* On Saturday August 10th, from 1PM until late evening
* There will be Picnic and/or Barbecue depending how I feel, confirmed date and details closer to the time.
* Responses appreciated but not necessary
* Everyone is welcome. If you want to bring someone not already on my friendslist, that's fine, but let me know first.
* Children and dogs are welcome in the afternoon, though they'll need to be supervised as the house isn't child-proofed.

Address and directions in locked post: http://jack.dreamwidth.org/813381.html (if you can't see that and need to know the address, make a comment or send me an email and I'll reply)
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For anyone not on the email list, come and play casual bridge with me and Liv at Cair Peverel. From 4.30pm this Sunday (bank hol Sunday) until early evening, probably with take-away food.

PS. I will also aim to be at the beer festival tomorrow night (Fri) and Sat afternoon.
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I'm hoping to go to the beer festival for at least a bit tonight and tomorrow night. And saturday afternoon hopefully with Liv.

I might manage friday evening too but I'll probably be too busy.
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I'm all moved in to the new house, I have internet (and phone and TV), sofas, chairs, bookcases, and more bookcases are arriving tomorrow morning. I'm 3/4 unpacked, including books, bought cutlery trays and so on, and chosen sensible places for everything. The old house is emptied, professionally cleaned, and I'm handing the keys back this weekend,

My housewarming/birthday party is tomorrow (Sat) at Cair Peverel (Peverel Road) from 2pm until the evening. Original invitation with address and directions: http://cartesiandaemon.livejournal.com/809372.html

It's not in Arbury, it's off Barnwell Road (along Newmarket road, map & picture in original invitation). Peverel Road is a loop, turn right along it not left, and my house is at the next corner.
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To celebrate my living in a house with NO MOLD in it, and my incipient ascension into post-epic levels (my 31ST BIRTHDAY), there will be a combined housewarming-cum-birthday PARTY:

* During the AFTERNOON and EVENING, commencing from about 2pm
* During the afternoon there will be tea, and probably cake/toddlers/board-games, etc
* During the evening there will be alcohol and loud conversation
* In between, there will be take away food of a democratically determined culture.

This will take place in my new abode on Peverel Road, a bit along Newmarket Road (address and map: http://jack.dreamwidth.org/813381.html http://cartesiandaemon.livejournal.com/809012.html)

If you are reading this, you are very welcome. Message me if you can't see the contact details post.

Other halves, friends, etc are very welcome.