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This summer, a new Spider-Man makes his film debut. Next fall, a film focusing on his frequent opponent Venom should be hitting theaters. And now, a third film based in the Spider-Man universe is in the works, this one starring both Black Cat and Silver Sable.


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While we all want to travel, live, and bang in space, there are some pretty major things to consider, such as the fact that our sentient flesh cocoons were not designed to handle the harsh conditions of the cosmic void. Though research like NASA’s Twin Study will illuminate some of the potential impacts of extended…


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The London mayor praises the emergency services and reassures visitors and residents alike following an attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Wednesday in which five people have died. Sadiq Khan said in a video message posted on Twitter that police and other responders ‘have shown tremendous bravery in exceptionally difficult circumstances’ and offered his condolences to the family of the police officer killed. ‘London is the greatest city in the world and we stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life. Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism,’ he says.

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Posted by Haroon Siddique

Drinking in moderation helps protect heart, with study finding it lowers risk of many conditions compared with not drinking

Moderate drinking can lower the risk of several heart conditions, according to a study that will further fuel the debate about the health implications of alcohol consumption.

The study of 1.93 million people in the UK aged over 30 found that drinking in moderation – defined as consuming no more than 14 units of alcohol a week – had a protective effect on the heart compared with not drinking.

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Posted by Spencer Ackerman in New York

Democratic representative Adam Schiff calls for independent investigation after Devin Nunes shared information with Trump administration before committee

The top Democrat on one of the congressional committees investigating ties between Donald Trump and Russia has raised “grave doubt” over the viability of the inquiry after its Republican chairman shared information with the White House and not their committee colleagues.

In the latest wild development surrounding the Russia inquiry that has created an air of scandal around Trump, Democrat Adam Schiff effectively called his GOP counterpart, Devin Nunes, a proxy for the White House, questioning his conduct.

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Posted by Daniel Taylor at Signal Iduna Park

The harsh reality for Gareth Southgate is that his first match since taking the England job full-time has ended in another reminder of Germany’s remarkable knack for winning football matches. The world champions have still not conceded a goal since Euro 2016, a sequence now incorporating seven games – or, to put it another way, almost 11 hours of football – and they managed to win their latest assignment while always giving the impression they would happily go through the entire game at three‑quarter pace.

Related: Germany 1-0 England: five talking points from the friendly in Dortmund | Jamie Jackson

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Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:36 pm
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Melania, are you ok? Other people seeing what I am seeing: an abused and mistreated woman in a marriage with an egomaniac (to be polite), and whose son may also have been abused by her husband.

The real bombshell of the House Intelligence/Trump/Russia hearing happened in the hallway. AKA someone's either ignorant as an upstream rock, or else lying in front of cameras.

Yes, the FBI did wiretap Trump Tower -- to keep track of the Russian mobsters.

Trumpery fired Preet Bharara as a prosecuting US attorney -- so now he'll teach kids at NYU how to be as tough and critical and prosecutorial as he is.

Farewell, David Rockefeller.

Gorsuch, abortion and the concept of personhood.

White Pride and prejudice. I am not entirely in agreement with their version of what liberal thnking entails.

Trump's exaggerated new border rules keep all the Africans from the African Summit in LA. This is *ridiculous*.

An actual war criminal may become the US's second leading diplomat. Pass me the vomit bowl; I cannot stand this man.


These cities are divesting from the banks that support the Dakota pipeline.

The NY state attorney general has hired an attorney to go after Trump full time -- and he knows the territory.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Ivanka Trump's company over unfair competition.

The country is a mess. Meet the fixers. 50 people with ideas, guts and ability who are making change.

Apologies for typos; my eyes are very tired today.
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It isn’t nice to taunt . . . and you still have nearly five weeks to wait before the novel itself can be in your hands. But if you need your appetite whetted just that little bit more, Tor has posted the first chapter of Within the Sanctuary of Wings.

April 25th. If you think you’re chewing your fingernails off, know that mine went away months ago!

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Posted by Lauren Gambino in Washington

  • White House: ‘This is the only train leaving the station’
  • Representative Mark Meadows: ‘There’s not enough votes to pass it tomorrow’

Donald Trump made a closing pitch to restive Republicans wary of their party’s proposed healthcare overhaul as conservatives steel for a showdown one day before a planned vote on the bill.

In the final hours before the House was expected to vote, Trump summoned wavering – and obstinate – Republicans to the White House while another group met with Vice-President Mike Pence. After the meeting, conservative opponents of the healthcare plan recommended Republican leadership should “start over” on a new proposal.

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Posted by Hannah Ellis-Petersen

Pedestrian given urgent medical treatment after being pulled from river Thames following terror attack outside parliament
• Attack on parliament: live updates

A woman was left a critical condition after being pulled from the Thames after she fell from Westminster Bridge during Wednesday’s terrorist attack outside parliament.

The attacker drove his car at pedestrians along the bridge. It is not known whether the woman voluntarily jumped to avoid the vehicle or was thrown into the water.

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