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GoT random musings with spoilers (at least for published books). Now I'm going to witter a bit so the spoilers don't go into the first few lines. So, pumpkins are really quite ridged and orange, aren't they?

Targyarens can't be *completely* immune to fire, whatever is implied. Cf. doom of valyria :)

Hm. Barristan says that Varys told him there would be assassination attempts, not that Varys had specifically arranged them. I think this may be a bit of book-3 patching of book-1 problems, but it could still be *possible* Varys and Illyrio were keeping Dany as a back-up option or pathfinder for their pet Targyaren, if Varys couldn't stop "a lordship for whoever kills her" being announced, but didn't actually arrange any of the specific assassination attempts.

I like the red viper. I don't know why -- he's clearly a horrible person quickly dead. But I do.

Rereading the fourth and fifth books again, I enjoy them more. At the time I was completely exasperated by the time spent in Dorne and Iron Islands when I wasn't finding out about the characters I cared about. Now I know how futile that was :) I quite enjoy the other bits (with appropriate caveats about individually fail-y bits).

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I wonder if Varys simply comes to change his mind as Dany proves to be more effective than expected? But I can't remember a word of the plotting Arya overhears in Book 1, which is unfortunate.

The Red Viper has the advantage of mostly being opposed to people who are obviously more loathsome than he is.
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