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Don't need to worry about this now if you're still in the middle of setting up a dreamwidth account at all (or if you don't have DW or don't want to crosspost), but if you already crosspost to LJ or another lj-code based site, and would like to add a link between the posts, I did this as follows:

Go to http://www.dreamwidth.org/manage/settings/?cat=othersites

In the list of foreign accounts, click "details". You should see "edit external account". Make sure the "Display Cross Post Links" checkbox is checked and click the update button. This shows a link from DW to LJ.

Back in account settings, other sites. Select "Always" in "Add the footer to the post on the other site".

Add some text in the first footer text box. I used: "<span style="font-size: smaller;">You can also comment at %%url%% using OpenID. %%comment_image%% comments so far.</span>".

Save button.
I stress, there are very good reasons for not crossposting (not to be on LJ at all, not trusting DW with their LJ password, not wanting to need to lock two sites, not trying to keep icons etc in sync, etc) and many people actively don't want to. But if you want to crosspost, I sometimes find it helpful to be able to see comments on both sites, or see that someone has an account on the other site at all.

(If you want to, you can set up crossposting from that page, but I can't remember how because I did it once ages ago.)


Oct. 30th, 2012 10:06 am
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I didn't notice, Dreamwidth have introduced support for markdown syntax!

I find that an awful lot more useful than HTML or rich text because I usually only want bold and italic, but I like to be able to copy the text into a text editor or read it without a lot of html tags.

You can easily make unordered lists

  • just
  • like
  • this

And you can make automatically-ordered lists

  1. although
  2. they
  3. only
  4. use
  5. successive
  6. positive
  7. integers

And the one thing I always found a pain in LJ/DW HTML, making a


And it's even easy to

Blockquote several
different lines
of text
by putting a >
at the beginning
of the first

And it even has

int main()
  cout << "automatic formatting" << " of code " << "samples";

It's a very recent, very quick and dirty beta, so it's amazing it just works as well as it does. Ironically the one thing it doesn't do is applying the formatting before it crossposts a post, so the dreamwidth copy of this post has the formatted version, and the livejournal copy has the original source (see link below for the other one). I imagine there's a dreamwidth bug for this, or maybe eventually livejournal will copy the code changes.