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I nominated for Yuletide. After lots of "how could I possibly choose", I decided that I might as well pick three works I liked and thought would make good fic, and not feel like I had to pick the BEST three. I can probably dredge up more obscure things I loved, and would really love to see fic from, but I find it hard to bring to mind things I've not thought of for ages.

There's lots of things I love, things like webcomics and webfiction which might deserve attention. I eventually chose three I thought would make good stories.

Elements (experiments in character design), the tarot-like cards showing a character for each chemical element. They're just so pretty, each looks like it tells a story. I was sad the physical cards seemed to be sold out and never for sale. They were nominated two years ago, and I was sad to see not last year.

And two webcomics, Leftover Soup (from Tailsteak, the author of the awesome 1/0, ooh, maybe I should submit that instead), and YAFGC (Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, like Oglaf, very not safe for work, but sort of in a surprisingly wholesome way).

Did other people manage to nominate things?

I am also basking in the disconcertingly competent assumption that, I expect to be able to, just get a story done, without a whole lot of putting it off. I'm not at all used to signing up to something with a deadline and not assuming I'll panic but it's worth it!

I looked at my notes from last year for "what might I be interested in nominating next year". It was mostly the same sorts of things. Although one was, "Steven Universe, if it doesn't exceed the limit of number of works", I guess that must have happened now :) Although I find it really hard to predict. I went to look up Vorkosigan, the universe I was surprised was still eligible when I wrote for it two years ago, and it looks like there's more than a 1000 fics on ao3 from before that, am I misremembering how eligibility/search works?

Date: 2017-09-15 10:43 am (UTC)
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I have nominated things! (I should probably make my own post about it too.)

I'm glad that my feelings about it have moved, from my first year (2012) of "oh god how do I write a 1000+ word story it is terribly worrying" to basically "yep, I can write a story that length on demand if needed and it won't be terrible" (it may not be brilliant but it won't be terrible). I am absolutely planning to write multiple stories this Yuletide, I've really enjoyed picking up pinch hits and writing treats in the past, and I greatly resented not being able to do any of that last winter because I was studying.

Although, a good outcome of studying is that I'm now much more comfortable with turning out essays to required wordcount; essays and fiction aren't the same thing, but they both involve producing words to other people's requirements, and that's definitely something I am much more comfortable with now than I was six years ago - which is when I was a) first reading Yuletide and b) first writing university-level essays.

Re Vorkosigan: the rules include "in English" and "over 1000 words" and there's a nifty bookmarklet that will check and exclude works under the wordcount, linked from yuletide-admin.

Date: 2017-09-15 01:22 pm (UTC)
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Ooh, I've not read much of Leftover Soup, but I'm the author of the only 1/0 fic on AO3.

Date: 2017-09-15 02:33 pm (UTC)
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I BELIEVE I first saw it recced by Websnark, but couldn't be sure. That sort of meta storytelling is so up my alley that it would have found its way to me eventually somehow... the 1/0 fic I wrote is a subsection of an If on a winter's night a traveler fic full of nested stories involving the author as an active character.

Date: 2017-09-15 04:46 pm (UTC)
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I have seen that someone has nommed the brilliant He-Man / Skeletor Dirty Dancing video, but hope to manage to nom some things myself before the deadline [eek!]